Julie Whitwham

Traditional Equine & Animal Studies

Local artist specialising in coloured pencil, pastel
and watercolours,....

Visit my website at:    www.juliewhitwham.co.uk

See my Spine/Scoliosis story too!




Jo Stockdale
A former Middleham resident, now living in Richmond, Jo looks beyond a photographical image and captures the essence and character of the individual. Her work is available in print and card form  - to find out more visit Jo's website.

website:  http://www.jostockdale.com

Illustrator and Landscape Painter in Oils & Acrylic 
Specialising in local scenes

Jenny may be contacted regarding commissions or
paintings for sale on

01969 625292


                         Of interest to all our local artists ~ Local suppliers of Artists materials & Framing Services!

Wensleydale Galleries
Framing Studio
Proprietor: M.A. Richardson

Unit 1, Herriot Court, Leyburn Business Park, Harmby Road, Leyburn DL8 5QA

Phone: 01969 623488                                   Fax: 01969 624746


Email address: wensleydalegalleries@tiscali.co.uk

Telephone: 01609 761775

Call us for information on products etc., your enquiries
are always welcome....

The Art Shop
230  High Street
North Yorkshire

In-store demonstrations

Framing specialists

Special Offers

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Making exquisite, patterned quilts at the Middleham Key Centre on a Monday afternoon. Their `Millenium Hanging` (see below) is proudly displayed in the foyer of the Key Centre.

A colourful display at one the Quilter's popular Exhibitions held at the Middleham Key Centre

At work on one of the quilts

The magnificent 'The Millenium Hanging' a depiction in fabrics and threads of the Town of Middleham
clearly showing the Castle, the Bridge, the Church, the Stables and all the other main, familiar buildings. This work of art was presented to the Key Centre to mark the new Millenium and can be seen in the foyer there.

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