Middleham Town Twinning Association


Middleham has been twinned with Agincourt in Northern France since 1988. Over the years members have made regular visits to this small village in the Pas de Calais and have become firm friends with all the residents. In return we welcome friends from Azincourt to Middleham. Visitors stay with members in their homes and are entertained, usually over a long weekend, with visits to local places of interest. A formal dinner usually rounds off their weekend


 The current membership fee is only 6 per year per person or 12 per family (with school-age children).
If you are new to the area this is a great way to make friends and if you have lived here for many years now is your chance to make new friends. No knowledge of the French language is necessary as all proceedings are in English - except for the exchange visits and it is not essential.

If you are interested in joining the Middleham Town Twinning Group please contact:

Catherine Monaghan - 01969 623962

To see photographs of the Town Twinners visit to Agincourt in July 2015  click here


The Battle of Agincourt 

On the 25th October 1415 ~ Saint Crispin's Day ~ on fields near the French village of Agincourt was fought one of the bloodiest battles of the Hundred
Year's War.  The English army of King Henry V crushed a French army led
by Connetable  d'Albret ~ even though the English were outnumbered
by at least three to one!

Agincourt or Azincourt ~ as it looks today:
In the heart of the Artois countryside in Northern France, Agincourt is well worth a visit.  Here you can learn about the historical facts of the famous Battle of Agincourt and visit the exciting, new, interactive Museum of Local History ( open all year round).
The Museum contains documents and copies of weapons and armour with a scale model of the battlefield with over 250 figurines - providing a valuable insight into the way battles were fought at that time.  One showcase contains a remarkable collection of medieval paving stones from the 14th century, discovered on the site of the fortress.


Agincourt does not intend to glorify what was one of the bloodiest battles of the Hundred Years' War but instead reveal a page in the history of medieval France.  You can follow in the footsteps of the archers along a route through this beautiful countryside, which extends from Agincourt to Crecy.  This region possesses a remarkable historical and cultural heritage with castles, abbeys, chapels, mills, manor houses and traditional houses ~ it was used as a route through to distant destinations but has always extended a warm welcome to anyone passing through.....

Internet  www.azincourt-medieval.com   

Email:  office.de.tourisme.azincourt@wanadoo.fr